Fit Friday

January 28, 2011

The weight loss journey continues. At this point, almost two months in, it feels like I’m three quarters of the way up a mountain: I still have that rocky part where it’s hard to balance at the top, and the whole trek down on wobbly knees to go. I’m starting to get awfully paranoid about turned ankles.

I’m not so much tempted to cheat, to over eat or to skip workouts, as everyday feels like Groundhog’s Day – “Oh, god, this again? Aren’t we done yet?” I just want to be able to wear all of my skirts and trousers again without thinking about it. Maintenance will be fine, it’s the struggling I’m over and done with.

On the plus side, I have more of a sense of humor about the situation than I did in the beginning. For example: I can now measure my weight loss in cats. At 31 pounds down, I can say I’ve lost a Samara + an Atwood + a Ted. Thinking about carrying around three cats sounds just as cumbersome as carrying around 31 extra pounds of flesh – wiggly, warm, and causes you to let out sounds of unhappiness once in a while.

I’m also starting to get a kick out of the reactions of friends who haven’t seen me in a couple months. Double-takes are becoming more common, as well as the occasional, “Wow!” Everyone is asking how I did it and I know that anyone else looking to lose weight is hoping that my answer is some kind of miracle, but the truth is hard work and self deprivation. In April I’ll post a before and after shot, after Susan’s wedding. I’ll be all over Facebook in my bridesmaid’s dress by then and I may as well out myself in public at that time. I’ll still have two months to go before my own wedding, so I’ll still be working on things, but the progress should be impressive.

As long as I don’t turn an ankle and fall back down the mountain.

Next week I go to the doctor for the first time since December so she can check up on me, I can’t wait to see her reaction.

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Kelli January 28, 2011 at 9:17 pm

Congratulations! You are doing an awesome job. It’s all about the willpower and exercise. Remember, just taking the stairs is a false message of lethargy that isn’t doing you any favors!!

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