It’s Television Season!

September 30, 2012

Let’s talk about television, folks, because it’s FALL and that means that the majority of shows are starting up again and new shows are starting up and I watch so much television you’re probably going to think I am everything that is wrong about America.


First: For someone raised by a TV the DVR is the best invention ever.
Second: Anyone who tries to tell you that getting a DVR means you’ll watch less TV is either lying or doing it wrong.
Third: In order to have HD in the town we live in you have to have a DVR, so we have two. Some people may have been irritated about this, my response was to clap my hands together and gasp, “Now we never have to miss anything ever again!”



This is the spreadsheet I made so that we can figure out which shows need to be recorded on which DVR. I am not remotely kidding.


There aren’t all that many new shows I’m super pumped about, there are more shows that I am reluctantly giving a spin due to good reviews or clever commercial cuts, or allegiance to actresses. (The Mob Doctor stars Jordana Spiro who was PJ on My Boys, one of my all-time favorite shows.) There are a lot of returning shows that I’m watching out of a sense of loyalty, even though they’ve kind of run their course (How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory), but there are a handful of shows that I am really excited to see come back.


Parenthood I love this show, mostly because I come from a huge, totally unbalanced family. This show is a portrayal of what my family would be like if it were vaguely functional. The casting is great, the writing is good. Win – win.

American Horror Story Last season was so good that I’m scared of this season – I hope that the treatment of the series as a series of mini-series works.

Bob’s Burgers This weird little show is the unsung hero of Sunday night’s animation domination.

The Good Wife I am still not over the death of Tony Scott. This show has great writing, great acting, and an occasional appearance by Michael J. Fox – AS A VILLIAN!

30 Rock It’s the last season of the little show that could and I am going to miss this cast, but I’m happy they’re calling it done before it’s worn out.

Grimm Last year I decided that I had to choose either Grimm or Once Upon a Time, I’m pretty sure I made the right choice given that this is a procedural crime drama and (as you can tell from the spreadsheet) I have a thing for procedurals.  (Even though I just found out that Once Upon a Time takes place in a fictional town in Maine and I try to watch all things Maine related, even if they butcher the pronunciation of Bangor trying to make cute with a fake DownEast accent.)


In the meantime the DVD project has been harder to work on since the husband has a regular week day job. We are watching a lot of Netflix though – we’ve almost watched the entire series of Numb3rs, I’m in season 5 of Coach, and we just started season 1 of Fringe on Amazon unbox.


FYI: Before you get on your “I don’t watch TV high horse” know that as soon as someone says that my eyes glaze over and I stop listening to them. There are few more hollow claims to superiority. Also? I pack my lunch for work 5 days a week, make dinner 6-7 days a week, keep a clean house, run 20+ miles a week and log hours on the elliptical machine, belong to a community choir that raises money for scholarships for music students, and am the vice president of a local service organization… not to mention I have a job where I regularly work 50-60 hours a week. In there I also spend time with my husband and pets, read and write. So, when you start to talk down to someone and tell them you’re too busy for television you should probably think about who you’re talking to first. We all have our vices.

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