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January 2, 2013

It turns out I did have a resolution for 2012 – and I actually achieved it!  You probably don’t remember this but, in 2011 I worked out 214 out of 365 days.  I apparently decided my only goal for last year was to work out on more than 214 days in 2012.



 273 Days of Workouts!


I feel as though I should set an informal goal of 280 days of working out, or something, for the coming year, but I feel like 273 is a pretty great improvement over 214.  Again, you can see where I struggled and I can tell you exactly that work obligations, travel obligations, illness, or holiday got in the way.  I’m still pretty good at making excuses, but setting firm racing goals definitely kept me accountable this year.  That said, I’ll be setting more race goals this year to keep me honest.


I’ve been seeing a lot of chatter about not setting resolutions or resolutions being pointless and I have to interject my opinion (because I have a lot of opinions, if I didn’t I wouldn’t have a blog).  Guys, I’m not going to say that all resolutions pan out but if you never set a goal you’ll never reach a goal.  I’ve said before that I do well with checklists and one of the things that helps me the most with checklists and goals is telling as many people about them as possible.


Making your resolutions public helps you stay accountable.

The more people who know about your goals and ask you how your progress is going, and who encourage you along the way, the better!  That’s why I get so upset when I see people saying that they don’t bother with resolutions because they’re pointless, it’s not only self destructive it feeds negative energy into everyone you know who is trying to make a positive change in their life.  Why not wish them luck and offer some support instead?

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