February 5, 2013

I recently had the urge to do a juice cleanse.  Consider it the final frontier in “healthy” EatingLand.  A number of my friends had done various cleanses over the past few months, people who generally have poorer dietary habits than I do, so I figured it would be pretty easy.


On paper, I look like an ideal candidate for a cleanse:

  • I already don’t eat 99.99% of meat (shellfish/fish being the only exception and that happening every few months at most)
  • I keep vegan 3 days a week (I just started this on January 1 and it’s harder than you might think – breaking the habit of grabbing a cheese stick or a yogurt for a snack would probably be easier if we just got rid of it all together)
  • I have one cup of coffee and one diet coke a day, unlike a lot of my half-pot a day/six-pack a day friends (although, if we eat out on the weekend* and I have free refills this will sometimes rocket up to 3 or 4), and
  • I have, on average, one cocktail every other week.


Moving to a fresh juice cleanse for 3 days should have been a non-issue but, for some reason, by dinnertime of day one I was done.  I don’t know if it’s because I got lousy sleep the night before (waking up once an hour after 1 a.m.), or if I underestimated how much I need my single cup of coffee during the day, but it was awful.  I felt like I’d been hit by a truck.  Even after I ate dinner (peanut butter and jelly sandwich and an orange) I found myself falling over sleepy by 7 p.m. and wandered off to bed before 7:30.  I also had a really hard time keeping on schedule drinking the juice (because I didn’t care for the taste it).  I drank about half of what I was supposed to over the time I was expected to and that was taken in quickly, with a straw, over a lot of ice.  More than that – because I was drinking all of my calories the last thing I wanted to do was drink any water.


Ultimately I did learn a couple of things:

  1. Locking my snack cabinet isn’t a bad idea.  Pre-portioned snacks work well for me but open multi-serving boxes do not. If I have to look at a little package and think “this has x calories” I will really consider the impact on my daily allotment of calories.
  2. If you’re going to give up caffeine do it on a day after you had a solid night’s sleep, otherwise you’re just going to want to cry because you’re so tired and can’t concentrate for longer than 20 minutes on anything.
  3. Although I love beets, I do not love their juice.  At all.


So, back to the same old same old… kind of.  I am going to start integrating more fresh juices into my life, particularly green juices with the pulp added back in.  Kale, I’m coming for you.


*I’ve been wondering, how often do you eat out?  We used to eat out once a week, but for the past year or so we’re down to once a month when we’re not travelling.

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