June 25, 2013

Before I get back to the trip, because I will be finishing that up, I wanted to break away and let everyone know that I’m still alive. And that, apparently, living in limbo for a month and then attempting to move and unpack an entire house in a weekend is a little more stressful than I saw coming. I think being in my 30s and requiring more sleep than I did in my 20s probably isn’t helping that.

Anyway, I find it particularly challenging to sit down and write when my life and my house are in chaos. Being creative? Forget about it. Not to mention I still have an army of pets so be cared for in the middle of all of the nuttiness.

However, I did find out that they make interior house paint that’s latex free, officially making latex the worst allergy ever. Not only am I allergic to kiwi, cantaloupe and bananas I can’t even get out of home improvement projects. (So far the only plus is that I’m also allergic to avocados so I don’t have to explain to people that no, I really don’t like guacamole. No, I’m pretty sure I won’t even like your guacamole. Yes, yes, I know, people rave about it, but seriously I find the texture off-putting and stop trying to make me eat your guacamole. A simple “Sorry, I’m allergic to avocados.” results in far less harassment.)

In other news, except for feeling like I don’t really have time to enjoy it just yet, being home has been 100% wonderful. I am so, so fortunate to have grown up in such an astoundingly beautiful place and I am beyond lucky to be able to return.




The cats seem to have settled in. The cats seem to have settled in.


Lassiter is doing all right, too. Lassiter is doing all right, too.



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