The DVD Project: Part 18

July 16, 2012

the funhouse

The Fun House
A very young Elizabeth Berridge directed by Tobe Hooper. This movie is more uncomfortable than scary.

funny girl

Funny Girl
I caught this movie on AMC when I was 10 and thought I was the first person to ever know how wonderful it was. My need to BE Barbra Streisand can be traced directly back to Fanny Brice.

garden state

Garden State
I do not like Zach Braff or Natalie Portman, and I have a low tolerance for self-indulgent twenty-somethings. Watching this movie is like being slowly stabbed with thumbtacks over and over.

ghost bustersghost busters II

Ghost Busters and Ghost Busters 2
I pitched an unholy fit when I was forced to see the first Ghost Busters movie in the theater. I can’t remember what I wanted to see instead, but I was a sour puss the whole way there and practically stomped to my seat. In hindsight I’m pretty psyched that I saw this in the theater when it was originally released. I love these movies so much I have sent the DVDs to people in order to ensure that they see them.

ghost ship

Ghost Ship
This movie was decent, and I actually didn’t see the end coming for a while.

ghouliesGhoulies 2

Ghoulies and Ghoulies II
So terrible they’re wonderful. Also, try to spot Mariska Hargitay, I dare you. (Her smile gives her away.)

girl next door

The Girl Next Door
I like Elisha Cuthbert, even as an unhappy porn star.

girl interrupted

Girl Interrupted
I loved Brittany Murphy. She’s dead now. “Eat in chicken.”

girls just

Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Helen Hunt wears a giant grasshopper on her head, Jonathon Silverman is adorable, and Shannen Dougherty is roughly 12 years old – 100% worth watching.

Good girl

The Good Girl
Depressing proof that Jennifer Aniston can act if we let her. I don’t get the Jake Gyllenhaal thing, and this movie may be why.


The Goonies
I also saw this movie in the theater when it was originally released, because being a child in the 1980s was amazing. This movie is good and if you haven’t seen it you should watch it.

gosfor park

Gosford Park
Also: Can anyone tell me what the deal is with Ryan Phillipe’s speech pattern? WTF?


I don’t really like Hale Berry, but this movie is decent with a good twist ending.

great muppet caper

The Great Muppet Caper
This is my husband’s favorite Muppet movie, I prefer The Muppets Take Manhattan. I don’t even know what to tell you about this movie – it’s the Muppets at their early best trying to thwart a team of jewel thieves. Brilliant.

great outdoors

The Great Outdoors
You know what hot dogs are made of? I watched this movie at least 700 times in the third grade. We will never have another John Candy, and we will never have another time like the 80s for comedies. I find that heart breaking.

gremlinsgremlins 2

Gremlins and Gremlins 2
The closest I could get to having a mogwai was a chinchilla. I watch the original Gremlins every Christmas, because it is a Christmas movie. The second one is a decent sequel, with much of the main cast returning.

grudgegrudge 2

The Grudge and The Grudge 2
These movies are not great and I’m pretty sure that the stories were only brought to the U.S. due to the success of The Ring. The fear of curses does not translate well to our culture.

guy thing

A Guy Thing
This movie is awful, I can’t even excuse Julia Stiles for this.


The plot of this musical is changed drastically in the cinematic version, but it’s decent and has a very young Nell Carter.

Family Guy: Volumes 1 -10
I was a huge fan of the original family guy, before it was cancelled and brought. Like any show that’s had 10 seasons (and is still going) the quality of the work has been cyclical – good, not good, awful, better again… The season finale of Season 10 (not the same as Volume 10, by the by) was so terrible that I really felt like Seth McFarland was begging for a cancellation. He’s said in interviews that he thinks that shows shouldn’t go past a tenth season, so maybe that’s why. It has to be hard when you’re being handed buckets of money to just say no.

Coming next: the Halloween franchise
Coming soon: five seasons of Family Ties, Firefly, and ten seasons of Friends

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Rae July 17, 2012 at 3:37 pm

Sometimes I absolutely hate movies you love and vice versa, but I am so SO glad that we agree on Ghostbusters.

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