2011 Workouts: A Recap

January 3, 2012

Guys, guys, GUYS: I worked out on 214 of 365 days last year. That’s well over half of the days last year!

Looking at the calendar pages you can see where I had hiccups.


May is sparse. I’m sure we all remember when Ted went missing.

June was, well, a non-event. (We travelled to Maine on May 31st, married on June 4th, honeymooned until June 13th, moved on June 15th, and I started a new job on June 17th.)


December was a stressful and troubled month, so I’m actually content with the workouts I did get in there. (And I know they helped me emotionally.)

It is of note that I only put stars on days where I actually work out, not any time we’ve gone hiking or done any physical activity just as an activity. Stars are reserved for my getting up, dressing in workout gear, and raising my heart rate for a specific purpose.

I wasn’t going to have a resolution this year, but I think I changed my mind today. My only resolution is to work out more than 214 days in 2012, and I think I can do it.

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