Questions I Could Happily Never Hear Again…

April 26, 2013

Are you done packing?
Granted, the moving truck now arrives in 3 days, but two of those are weekend days and we both work full time. If you asked me this question on Wednesday and then asked me this question again on Thursday do you really think the answer was likely to change? Huh?*

Are you getting excited?
There is no good way to answer this question. Yes, I am getting excited to see my friends and family! No, I am not excited about spending five days in a car with howling cats, lugging carriers in and out of hotels, and living off of hotel coffee and energy bars. I am excited and nervous about starting a new job, I am sad and nervous about leaving the job I am at now. There are a lot of emotions associated with a big life change.

And, can I just say, that moving to Maine doesn’t mean that I can never complain about the temperature of a room again. Our cafeteria at work is chronically frigid, there is not a day that goes by that someone doesn’t mention how cold it is or show off their goose bumps. The fact that I am moving to Maine doesn’t mean that I am never allowed to be cold again, particularly indoors where one has a reasonable expectation of a ambient temperature that does not require gloves or a parka.

I know this is shocking, but having grown up in Maine I’m fairly aware of the seasons that I’ll encounter there! And yes! Winter Is Cold In Maine! Newsflash: Summer Is Hot In Maine! We do not have polar bears, the average temperature in August is not 65. As my good friend Susan said, “You’re moving home, not moving into a stereotype.” I get that most regions of the U.S. deal with this, but I’m about to start doling out some homespun insults based on what people outside of Arizona think of Arizona. **

*Gasping after I say “no” in response to this question earns you a special place in hell. Packing is the one thing I am not stressed out about. It’s not your job to get me there, okay?
**And, guys, it’s not good. Arizona is pretty much regarded as the most backwards state in the union right now; Florida hasn’t messed up in a while. I’d start hoping that the segregated prom in Georgia or that adulterous Governor in South Carolina that’s running for re-election starts getting more press soon.

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