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May 19, 2013

Samara LOVES moving.

I have been in constant motion for two and a half months until yesterday. At first it was the typical work week coupled with weekend work obligations, then an interview on the opposite side of the country, non-profit fundraising and the stress of looking for a place to live from nearly 3,000 miles away. Towards the end it was working while packing our lives into boxes, non-stop cleaning, and then came the driving, the arrival, the new beginnings, and watching the movers break everything we love while putting it into storage… all while commuting two hours a day and adjusting to a new work environment.

Remember two years ago when the Husband and I got married, moved, and started new jobs within two weeks? We only moved 90 miles away, this has been a little more difficult. (Made easier by some very gracious family and newly acquired, understanding landlords.) And more exhausting, I’m not in my 20s anymore, and I have stated that the only way I’m leaving this newest house is in a body bag.

She looks super concerned.
Alex P. Kitten’s face kind of says it all.

Oh, there was also my backing into a pole at the storage facility, after a long day at work and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (3 trips to get my plates and then I had to order a brake light on Amazon Prime to pass my inspection (fingers crossed)).

Things appear to have calmed down a bit. We don’t move into the house for a couple more weeks, so I will continue to spend hours of each day in my car, but I’ve managed to get more of a rhythm down and hopefully won’t burst into tears at all this week from being over tired and frustrated. (35 or not, somewhere around week three of no downtime I regress to toddlerhood when it comes to expressing my emotions. Throw stuff down, start to cry, and walk away.)

Meanwhile, on this blog you have a handful of entries coming your way dedicated to moving and a 2, 759 mile road trip with this band of nutters. There are some stories to be shared.

All of the carriers

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